So, your ATAR wasn’t exactly what you wanted it to be. Now it seems like the prospect of studying your dream course is flying out of the window, right?


Not at all!


There’s more than one way to study your dream degree. In fact, there are many different pathways you can take to lead you to that amazing course you’ve set your sights on. So, don’t give up hope! From the traditional to the new, let’s explore some of the popular pathways available to you.


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If you didn’t get into your ideal course, below are three popular alternate paths to get into uni – and there are heaps more out there. If you’re having trouble picking the right pathway for you, or just want to get some questions answered, call the Prospective Student Enquiry Centre at Deakin University or find the perfect pathway to uni using this great online pathway finder tool. And if you’re completely at a loss at what you even want to study, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this cool course and career explorer, that takes into account what you love doing.


Pathway 1: Study a diploma at a private college

Private colleges offer great pathways to your potential dream course. Several are affiliated with big universities, and offer great benefits – such as Deakin College and Deakin University. Deakin College gives you the chance to study at three Deakin campuses so you can assimilate into the uni community, while learning in a supportive classroom environment, and studying the same first-year curriculum as the bachelor degree students. Another great benefit of undertaking preliminary study at a private institution is that as long as you meet the academic requirements through your diploma study, there are often guaranteed places into the second year of study for the corresponding bachelor degree at uni.


Pathway 2: Study a diploma at TAFE

People think that unis look down on TAFE study, but that’s simply not true. Unis love TAFE applications! They know that studying at TAFE involves rigorous study and commitment. So TAFE students coming into the uni environment are often more than capable of a uni workload. A lot of TAFE programs come with a guaranteed place at affiliated unis, including Deakin, which means as long as you meet the academic requirements of your diploma, you’ll come into the second year of a bachelor degree at the same speed as your classmates.


Pathway 3: Study one of Deakin’s associate degrees

There are different levels of study, and it’s important to choose the pathway that suits your needs best. So, if you struggled to get into the rhythm of studying during high school and don’t think uni is for you, don’t stress! Associate degrees like Deakin’s Associate Degrees of Arts or Education are great options. These give you a direct stepping stone into a uni degree. You’ll study compulsory units that are designed to get you up to speed for what uni offers, while also studying the same subjects that are in the first year bachelor courses.  All associate degrees often have smaller class sizes, get you onto campus with the other students, and guarantee you entry into the corresponding bachelor degree as long as you meet the academic requirements of the associate degree.


Remember, don’t give up. There are plenty of great options out there for everyone aiming to study at a higher level, and who knows? You might even find your passion in a different area while you travel down a specific pathway. Find your pathway to uni with Deakin’s online Pathways Finder tool or talk directly to a Deakin adviser about your options via email or by calling 1800 MY FUTURE (1800 693 888).