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Success for all students.

ATAR Notes is all about increasing access to educational resources. We are home to Australia's largest online student community and we have been providing top quality materials to high school students for over a decade.

Everything we do is in line with our "by students, for students" philosophy. This means that all our authors, tutors, lecturers, and community leaders are recent graduates who understand the content and know what it's like to be a student striving for success. However, we also recognise that success looks different for everyone, so our aim is to cater to everyone's goals and learning styles. It doesn't matter if you're aiming for a score of 100/100 or just looking to pass - ATAR Notes is here to help you do your best and feel more confident.

We're an ever-expanding team of passionate educators, having expanded from a humble forum community of a few hundred students in 2007 to a thriving ecosystem of thousands of revision lectures, tutorial classes, downloadable notes, videos and books.

If you're looking for study resources, or just want to contribute to an active student community, we'd love to have you on board!

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Our Mission

To support all Australian students in achieving their academic goals with the help of quality resources and the guidance of recent graduates.

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