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Information for Parents

If you’re looking to support your child and their studies through high school, ATAR Notes has a wide range of useful resources.

Free Parent VCE E-Book

Download this free Victorian parent survival guide, including explanations and tips for parents with students in high school. Other states are coming soon!

Why Choose ATAR Notes?

Here’s how we can help students

If you’re looking for free study resources for your child, ATAR Notes is the place to be.

For more than ten years, ATAR Notes has offered a wide range of free resources to help high school students succeed. Our resources are trusted by students, parents and schools.

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Printed Study Guides

Our printed Study Guides are written by students, for students.

Featuring a range of titles including Course Notes, Topic Tests, and Text Guides, ATAR Notes Study Guides are available across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia.

To browse the full range and order for your child, visit the ATAR Notes Shop.

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