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9 Benefits of Doing a VCE Subject With Your Sibling

By Sydney Miller in VCE
11th of February 2020
VCE sibling tips and advice

When I was in year 12, I did Health and Human Development with my sister, Mackenzie – who was completing HHD as an accelerated year 11 subject. Whilst studying a subject for an entire year with a sibling does come with its challenges, there were definitely many perks that came with working together on our studies – below is a list of 9 benefits I discovered after doing a VCE subject with my sibling.


1. Making your own study notes and cross checking them.

Everyone has their own way of collating and creating study notes and summaries – which is totally cool! But for a content-heavy subject like HHD, it’s really important to make sure your summaries are concise and well-written, and most importantly, correct. Cross-checking our notes eliminated any minor mistakes and helped us perfect our own summaries.


2. A very available study partner.

Living next door to each other basically meant we could get clarification on HHD concepts or questions at any out of school hour… regardless of the time of night!


3. Quizzing each other. Anywhere, at any time.

Including but not limited to: in the car on the way to school, the train home, house activities, over the dinner table, at social gatherings.


4. Studying at ATAR Notes’ TuteSmart together.

Mackenzie and I decided to enrol in weekly HHD classes at TuteSmart together. TuteSmart provided us with heaps of extra resources such as practice SACs, exams and notes, as well as quality tutoring from recent graduate experts in HHD. Not to mention, going together to classes meant we stayed motivated to go to class and get our chai latte at Melbourne Central before spending our Sunday morning together!


5. Correcting each other’s practice questions.

We would both complete worksheets timed, and hand them to each other with solutions to correct.


6. Writing each other practice questions!

This can be a really great way of increasing the number of questions you have available to complete.


7. Having a back up of at least 10 pens between us in SACs and the exam.

We were both very paranoid about our pens running out, so we always made sure we collectively had lots, and lots, and lots of pens.


8. Always a guaranteed seat in class.

Admittedly, I would come late to class sometimes after musical and choir practice – but it was always okay because I knew Mackenzie would’ve saved me a seat!


9. Being able to say yeah, I did a VCE subject with my sister!”

Ultimate bragging rights.


Without the support and motivation from my sister, I definitely wouldn’t have achieved a raw score of 45 in HHD. Oh – and she got 40+ too!