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How to Prepare for the VCE Legal Studies Exam – Three Weeks Out

By Karly Banks in Study
25th of October 2017

Karly Banks graduated in 2013 with a raw 45 in Legal Studies.
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It’s three weeks before the Legal Studies exam. It’s around this time of year that the panic and stress starts to kick in for a number of students.

But there’s no need to let is derail you and your study habits!



The most important thing to remember three weeks out is that a little bit of nerves is good for you. Those nerves kickstart your ability to focus, to stay on track, to not get distracted.

So don’t be afraid that you’re feeling a little bit nervous – it will actually serve you well in the lead-up to the exam.



That being said, it’s when nerves get the better of you that the problems start. Make sure you’re reaching out for help if you feel like you’re not coping.

Your teachers, your family and your school are all there to support you throughout the next couple of months. Make sure you use them.

It’s not weak to lean on someone during this time; it’s actually pretty darn necessary.



Whilst we’re on the topic of nerves and taking care of yourself, this is also the time of year a lot of people put on the accelerator. It’s about this time that students start to spend more and more hours hunched over the books.

Whilst this is good to a degree, make sure you’re not overdoing it to the extent that you end up burning out.

Three weeks is actually a pretty long time – a marathon; not a sprint.



Make sure you’re taking the time to go for a run or a swim, hang out with your friends (in situations where you’re not studying), or watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show.

If you can make it to the exam period with a clear mind and a healthy body, you’ve already won half the battle.



Lastly, three weeks before the Legal Studies exam is the best time to ensure you’ve covered that last pesky dot point: “recent changes and recommendations for the legal system”.

Read the newspaper. Watch the news. Talk to your teachers. Reach your textbooks.

Make sure you’ve got recent changes and recommendations you can link to each of the aspects of an effective legal system. Don’t worry – there’s still time.

And then, you’ll be set for the exam.

Good luck!

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    When i do practice exams from vcaa, i tend to want to write everything i know and include everything becauseni get so stressed out thst I might not get full marks, how did you manage to overcome this? Did you do alot of past papers as well?