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Where Are They Now? #1: Sydney

By TuteSmart - By ATAR Notes in VCE
30th of April 2019

In this series of articles, we will be chatting to past TuteSmart students to get their best VCE advice, and see where they’ve been doing post-TuteSmart. The series kicks off with Sydney Miller, from the 2017 cohort.


What did you study at TuteSmart?

SM: I studied Chemistry, Methods, English and HHD.


What have you been up to since TuteSmart? What takes up most of your time?

Since TuteSmart, I’ve started my Bachelor of Music specialising in Interactive Composition at the Victorian College of the Arts and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. I also take Chemistry 1/2 and Further 3/4 classes at the TuteSmart at the Melbourne CBD centre. In any spare time I have leftover, I’m usually either spending time with my family and friends, or going to dance classes!


How did you find the transition away from VCE?

I’m not gonna lie, I found it quite tough, particularly because I was moving into a field so far from what I actually studied in VCE. When you leave school you are required to have much more independence in general – including your studies, health, social life and starting to prepare yourself for a lifelong career. As much as I really enjoyed my final years of school during VCE (particularly from the support I received from school and TuteSmart), I’m glad I was challenged by the transition into tertiary studies and life beyond VCE because it has made me the person I am today.


Do you have any advice for current VCE students?

It’s really important to achieve balance when you’re in VCE and this doesn’t just mean in terms of studying. I found that once I began immersing myself in activities such as musical theatre, choir and house activities, as well as making a conscious effort to bond with my peers and teachers; I began actually enjoying and appreciating my years of VCE (and in fact, my SAC grades got even better without me having to try harder!).


What’s your favourite TuteSmart memory?

Doing HHD classes with my sister Mackenzie who was in year 11 at the time I was in year 12!

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