Where Are They Now? #3: Mackenzie

By TuteSmart - By ATAR Notes in VCE
13th of May 2019
tutesmart alumni

In this series of articles, we will be chatting to past TuteSmart students to get their best VCE advice, and see where they’ve been doing post-TuteSmart. The TuteSmart Alumni series continues with Mackenzie Miller, from both the 2017 and 2018 cohorts.


What did you study at TuteSmart?

MM: At TuteSmart I studied HHD and Business Management in 2017, and Methods, Psychology and Legal in 2018!

tutesmart alumni

What have you been up to since TuteSmart? What takes up most of your time?

I’ve started University this year at Monash, so my double degree of Law/Global Studies (specialising in Chinese) takes up a lot of my time! I’ve also just spent time catching up with friends/netflix/the gym to make up with my disappearance in year 12 due to studying! I also take a Business and Legal class at TuteSmart (which is awesome and honestly one of the reasons I wanted to do well at VCE).


How did you find the transition away from VCE?

When exams were over I was so confused with what to do with my life! 3 months of absolutely nothing was lovely, but also very confronting because I’d stopped studying, which was something that I’d done pretty much every day for the last three years. Transitioning from VCE to uni is also a little difficult as everything is so completely different, but in a sense it’s exciting to have different challenges thrown at me.

tutesmart alumni

Do you have any advice for current VCE students?

Enjoy your time and learning! I was so worried about the finish line that I didn’t fully get to enjoy the challenge that VCE is. Also, believe in yourself and your academic abilities – I look back and regret not trusting myself and my skills.


What’s your favourite TuteSmart memory?

Is it okay to say that I really enjoyed looking out the window? The CBD centre has really nice views, sue me (but actually, it would probably have to be the weekly psychology kahoots).

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