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How to study for QCE English exam
QCE English Exam – How to handle the unseen prompts

English typically isn’t students’ favourite subject. And when you find…

TIps and advice for studying at home
Studying from home: advice for effective study

For years, I studied at school, at uni, at libraries –…

📶 Free Online Live-Streamed VCE Lectures (Y10-12) This April

Since 2015, ATAR Notes has delivered more than 500 free…

QCE maths study tips - ATAR Notes
QCE Maths – should you be studying every night?

Answer: NO! … Alright, that was not convincing. There’s only…

Studying QCE maths - QCE maths advice
Commons way of studying QCE maths

How you study for maths is ultimately up to you….

How to stay motivated in HSC/QCE/VCE
How to stay motivated throughout the year

(And how to keep good study habits when you’ve lost…

How to study for QCE Methods Units 3&4 - QCE Methods resources
QCE Maths Methods Resources – Units 3&4 – MegaGuide

The new QCE Maths Methods subject for the ATAR system…

How to do well in QCE ATAR subjects - QCE success
How to do well in QCE – QCE success megaguide – part 2

Looking for more info and free resources for QCE? Check…

Top tips for studying maths
Three little things to consider whilst studying maths

1. How are you utilising the answers? Studying for maths…