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VCE Physics Videos

VCE Physics | Studying Physics
VCE Physics | DC Motors
VCE Physics | Transformers
VCE Physics | Muons
VCE Physics | Calculating Uncertainties
VCE Physics | Nailing Your EPI
VCE Physics | Young's Double-Slit Experiment
VCE Physics | Dual Nature of Light
VCE Physics | Heisenberg's Effect
VCE Physics | Calculator Trick

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What’s Worthwhile?


Physics is, quite simply, not the type of subject you can just wing when exam time comes. Doing well requires preparation and diligence throughout the year - and there's no time like the present to start that!

To give you a place to start, we've created these free VCE Physics videos. You can use them to get a head start on your peers, or as revision when you've completed a topic. Good times!


The videos

There are ten videos so, logically, there are ten areas we look at. Can you watch these videos and expect to know the whole course inside-out? Of course not - but it's a great start.  

The presenter

The ever-dashing Alevine is your presenter for these VCE Physics videos. He's a great guy - passionate, enthusiastic, and genuinely loves teaching. In conjunction with his 99+ ATAR and 46 raw in Physics, that's why he's our Head Physics Tutor at TuteSmart! He's also a Science/Arts student at Monash University, and lectures to thousands of VCE students every year. What a well-rounded fellow!

Want more?

These VCE Physics videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free Physics stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!  

Feedback? Requests? Please let us know at [email protected]

Calculating Uncertainties: Ensure you write "1.0 kg", "5.0 kg" and "6.0 kg" for this question.