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VCE Maths Methods Videos

VCE Maths Methods | Unit Circle
VCE Maths Methods | Differentiability
VCE Maths Methods | First Principle
VCE Maths Methods | Distance Between Two Points
VCE Maths Methods | Using the Integral
VCE Maths Methods | Sketching
VCE Maths Methods | Finding the Inverse of a Function
VCE Maths Methods | Product & Quotient Rule
VCE Maths Methods | Exact Values
VCE Maths Methods | Independent/Mutually Exclusive Events

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What’s Worthwhile?

Maths Methods

Straight up, Methods is hard. We know that - you know that. And people go into the subject looking for very different things. Some students are gunning for that raw 50; others would be stoked to scrape a 25.

No matter where you're at in your Methods journey, these free VCE Maths Methods videos will be fantastic revision for you.


The videos

We've divided the Methods course into ten areas. We haven't covered the whole course, here - the idea is simply to give you a head start, or a great revision tool, for some of the major Methods concepts.  

The presenter

Luke is one of the best young mathematicians in Australia, and his VCE results reflect that: a 99+ ATAR, and a 40+ raw study score in all three maths subjects: Further, Methods and Specialist. He also happens to be the Head Tutor for Methods at TuteSmart. But Luke is also a bit of an enigma. For example, did you know that he's in his own band? #denimdogs

Want more?

These VCE Maths Methods videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free Methods stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!  

Feedback? Requests? Please let us know at [email protected]

Finding the Distance Between Two Points: Luke intended to write (x₂ - x₁) for this question.