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VCE General Advice Videos

VCE Advice | Is the ATAR Important?
VCE Advice | Getting a 99+ ATAR
VCE Advice | Assessment Recovery
VCE Advice | Study Preparation
VCE Advice | Subject Consistency
VCE Advice | Structuring Preferences
VCE Advice | Open Days

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General Advice

There are countless questions that come with nearing the end of high school - and many of them have nothing to do with subject content. VCE study advice and tips, general motivation, how the technical side really works, the ATAR and its importance, how to smash assessments and exams - these are all questions that might be swirling in your head. So, here's our series of VCE general advice videos!


The videos

Three of our tutors - Naomi, Nick and Jamon - sit down to run you through their VCE general advice, including:  

The presenter

You have the Dream Team for this VCE general advice video series! Jamon graduated with an ATAR of 99.80, and is now studying Engineering. Naomi graduated with an ATAR of 99.45, and is now studying Medicine. Nick graduated with an ATAR of 99.65, and studied Arts. Since graduating, all three have helped thousands of students across Australia!

Want more?

These VCE general advice videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free VCE stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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