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VCE Further Maths Videos

VCE Further Maths | Studying Further
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VCE Further Maths | Types of Data
VCE Further Maths | Regression Lines
VCE Further Maths | Recursion & Time Series
VCE Further Maths | Compound Interest
VCE Further Maths | Depreciation
VCE Further Maths | Annuities & Perpetuities
VCE Further Maths | Exam Preparation
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What’s Worthwhile?

Further Maths

Want to get a high study score in Further Maths? Then don't underestimate the difficulty of doing well. Further is a really competitive subject. Like, really competitive - particularly at the pointy end. In fact, a few silly mistakes on the end-of-year exams can really make a dint in your study score, and that's obviously not at all ideal.

So, in these free VCE Further Maths videos, our tutor, Brady, explains how to put yourself in the best position to not make those mistakes.


The videos

As you probably know, Further Maths has modules that not everybody completes. To give the most help to the greatest number of people, Brady focuses in these videos on the core knowledge applicable to everybody studying the subject.  

The presenter

Brady is our Head Tutor for Further Maths at TuteSmart. Why? Because he absolutely nailed the subject (yep, 50 raw), and is also a very experienced Further Maths lecturer. He knows the whole course inside-out, even though he only touches on the core module here in these VCE Further Maths videos. With a 97+ ATAR and an on-point fashion sense to boot, you're in good hands with Brady.

Want more?

These VCE Further Maths videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free Further stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!  

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