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VCE Study Strategy Videos

VCE General Tips | Importance of Revision
VCE General Tips | Motivation v. Discipline
VCE General Tips | Disappointing SAC Marks
VCE General Tips | Motivation

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Study Strategy

There's so much more to succeeding in VCE than just knowing subject content. You know that already, of course - just rote learning from the textbook isn't going to guarantee you good marks. This is because such a big part of VCE success isn't actually centred on knowing content at all. That is, intangible factors, like motivation, discipline and strategy - are really, really important to hitting your ATAR goals. That's why, in this video series, Alevine and Katherine have focused on the important parts of VCE that are often overlooked. How do you deal with bad SAC marks? How can you keep your motivation up throughout the year? It's all covered in these VCE advice videos, which will surely put you on the right path toward an incredible ATAR.


The videos

In these VCE advice videos, we look at four main concepts:  

The presenters

Alevine? A 99.10 ATAR, including a 47 raw in Physics and a 46 raw in English. He's currently studying a Science/Arts double degree, and is one of the most genuinely lovely people you'll ever meet. Not to be outdone, Katherine also achieved a 98+ ATAR, including four 40+ raw study scores. She's studying Biomedicine, and will soon move into postgraduate Med. She also happens to be a meme lord. What a team! Both Alevine and Katherine are tutors at  TuteSmart, and lecture thousands of students across the state every year.

Want more?

These VCE advice videos are a great start, but there's so much more to know - and we have heaps of free VCE resources just waiting for you!  

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