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Technical HSC | Alignment
Technical HSC | Moderation
Technical HSC | Scaling

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What’s Worthwhile?

Technical HSC

Alignment. Moderation. Scaling. These are all things that haunt HSC students every.single.year. But why? Mostly because, as concepts, they're not well-understood, and that leads to a lot of misconceptions. That's why we made this short video series, covering the basics of what you actually need to know and understand about some of the technical HSC components.


The videos

There are three videos in this series:  

The presenter

Jamon is an absolute monster. Not the bad, scary kind, but the good, helpful kind. The kind of monster who, somehow, after trawling through dozens and dozens of documents, knows every single detail of the HSC system and how it works. Of course, he's also been through the HSC system recently, coming out the other side with a 99.80 ATAR, so he knows what it's like!

Want more?

These technical HSC videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free HSC stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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