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HSC SOR (Exam) Videos

HSC Studies of Religion | Census 1
HSC Studies of Religion | Census 2
HSC Studies of Religion | Exam Technique

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SOR (Exam)

Whether Studies of Religion is your most loved subject or your most hated, it has its unique challenges and hurdles to get over. How to structure your responses, how to best impress examiners, how to remember all that census data - all included in SOR. We hope these free HSC Studies of Religion exam preparation videos will go some way to helping you smash this tricky subject!


The videos


The presenter

Your tutor’s name is Elyse Popplewell. She graduated with five Band 6 scores in 2015 – obviously including Studies of Religion. She is an HSC and SOR expert, ready to share her secrets and knowledge with you. This is an amazing opportunity to get inside the mind of someone who’s succeeded, learn their tricks, and apply them to your own study habits.

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These HSC Studies of Religion videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free SOR stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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