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QCE QCE System – ATAR Videos

QCE System Explained | What is the ATAR?
QCE System Explained | Importance of the ATAR
QCE System Explained | Subject Scaling
QCE System Explained | Differences From the OP System
QCE System Explained | Subject Scores

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QCE System – ATAR

The ATAR. Subject scores. Scaling. With the transition to the new ATAR system, these are things that will confuse QCE students every single year. But why? Mostly because, as concepts, they're not well-understood, and that leads to a lot of misconceptions. That's why we made these short QCE system videos, covering the basics of what you actually need to know and understand about some of the technical QCE components. Keen for more free technical QCE resource that explain how the system works? Make sure you make your free ATAR Notes account to keep up-to-date!




The videos

There are five videos in this series:  

The presenter

Good old Tim. What can we say about this man? With a 98+ ATAR, including a phenomenal result in Psych, it's fair to say that Tim did pretty through Year 12. After a stint studying Journalism, he transferred into a Science/Education degree , where he continues to study Psychology. A true Western Bulldogs supporter, please excuse Tim if ever he seems distracted - he's probably still dreaming about their 2016 premiership.  

Want more?

These QCE system videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free technical QCE stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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