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QCE Chemistry Videos

QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Isotopes
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Acids & Bases
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Properties of Water
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Metallic Bonding
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Ionic Bonding
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Covalent Bonding
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Mole Calculations - Mole Ratios
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Mole Calculations - Molecular Mass
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Mole Calculations - Avogadro's Number
QCE Chemistry 1&2 | Sub-Shell Configuration

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Chemistry is typically seen to be one of the hardest QCE subjects, and for good reason: the syllabus covers a lot of difficult concepts. For that reason, QCE Chemistry is one of our most-demanded subjects. Well, you've asked - we've delivered. Get around these free QCE Chemistry videos, just for you! Keen for more free QCE Chemistry resources? Make sure you make your free ATAR Notes account to keep up-to-date!




The videos

We sat down and thought about what it takes to do well in Chem. Then we divided the course into ten areas in order to give you as much help as possible in a fairly short period of time.  

The presenter

Janna, now studying undergraduate Medicine, graduated with a 99.50 ATAR and a score in Chemistry that placed her in the top 2% in the state. Not bad! For real, Janna is one of the loveliest people you'll meet, so you're in for a treat with these QCE Chemistry videos!  

Want more?

These QCE Chemistry videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free Chem stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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