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HSC PDHPE | Priority Health Issues
HSC PDHPE | Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islanders Health
HSC PDHPE | Emerging Treatments & Technologies
HSC PDHPE | Healthcare in Australia
HSC PDHPE | Ottawa Charter
HSC PDHPE | Energy Systems
HSC PDHPE | Physiological Adaptions
HSC PDHPE | Study Tips
HSC PDHPE | Recovery Strategies
HSC PDHPE | Stages of Skill Acquisition

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What’s Worthwhile?


Whatever PDHPE is, it's not easy. It's a lot of work, and if you don't know what you are doing, that work can be really challenging. Cue our free series of HSC PDHPE videos, designed to help you as much as possible through your assessments and in the HSC.


The videos

Here's what your presenter, Jamie, will speak about in each of the ten videos:  

The presenter

Studying Paramedicine through her Health Science degree, Jamie predictably dominated PDHPE during her HSC. She’s delivered lectures to thousands of HSC students, and all have raved about the edge Jamie gave them in the classroom and the exam room.

Want more?

These HSC PDHPE videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free PDHPE stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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