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HSC Mathematics (Exam) Videos

HSC Mathematics | Maxima and Minima
HSC Mathematics | Exponential Growth and Decay
HSC Mathematics | Motion
HSC Mathematics | Application of Series

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Mathematics (Exam)

In HSC Mathematics, you need a ground-up understanding of mathematical concepts, focusing on how to maximise your marks and avoid costly errors. Without this, you're trying to rote learn math - and that won't end well. So in these free HSC Mathematics exam preparation videos, we'll run you through what you need to know for the HSC Mathematics course.


The videos


The presenter

With a 99.80 ATAR, six Band 6 scores (including Mathematics), a UNSW Co-Op Scholarship in Electrical Engineering, you’d expect our lecturer to know a thing or two about 2U Maths. Indeed, Mathematics is a familiar friend to Jamon, who aced the subject in his HSC and continues to study it through his degree at UNSW.

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These HSC Mathematics exam preparation videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free 2U Maths stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!

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