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Top five reasons you should study an Arts degree

By Monash Arts in Easy Reading
9th of December 2020
Monash University Arts degree - ATAR Notes

How the humanities and social sciences will help you shape your dream career.



No, really. Arnold Schwarzenegger might have made the rise of the machines famous, but it’s beyond time we recognised that technological advancement is about to drastically change the way we live and work.

The world of work is set to become increasingly tech-heavy, with the mechanisation of jobs a real danger for future graduates. However, creative and interpersonal roles are proving robot-repellent, leaving employers desperate for graduates with uniquely human skills.

That’s where an Arts education comes in. When you study at Monash Arts, you’ll develop the wow-worthy and future-proof skills employees are searching for, including problem solving, creative thinking and excellent communication abilities.



You know that old saying, do what you love and success will follow? Your first step towards doing what you love starts at uni.

You’re finally free from your school curriculum, and have the power (oh, the power!) to dive into the fascinating subjects and big ideas that you’re truly passionate about.

At Monash Arts, you’ll tailor your flexible degree to suit your ambitions. You can choose from six undergraduate degrees, 40 areas of study and 28 double degree combinations.

Are you a Murderino? Try Criminology. Have unquenchable #wanderlust? Global Studies is for you. Obsessed with your news feed? You’re going to want some Media Communications in your life.

By studying what you love, you’ll walk out of uni ready to score your dream job.



It’s no longer enough to show future employers a fancy piece of paper embossed with the name of your degree. Even in your first year out of uni, your resume needs to show you have real professional experience.

As a result, it’s vital that you choose a uni with industry connections and phenomenal internship and Work Integrated Learning opportunities. Your lecturers can help you connect with amazing professionals in an area you’re interested in, and give you the chance to dive into immersive, hands-on learning experiences.

Besides building up your resume, you’ll also build the industry contacts you’ll need in your little black book once graduation is over and it’s time to start searching for work.

Monash Arts secures our students spots in over 600 internships a year. Whether you’re helping produce a news segment for Channel 7 or researching gender equality in Pakistan for Oxfam, you’ll be able to secure the career experience you need to succeed in your chosen field.



The world’s changing rapidly, and employers are looking for graduates who can look beyond their social sphere or Instagram feed and work with people from all different backgrounds and countries.

As you start looking at different universities, it’s important to think about the kind of overseas study opportunities they offer, and how these experiences will feed into your future career when it comes time to take your first steps into a super competitive job market.

Unfortunately, studying overseas can be too much for a shoestring student budget. Monash Arts make things easier by offering Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies students the chance to participate in a Global Immersion Guarantee – a two-week, fully-funded study overseas study experience for all first-year Bachelor of Arts and Global Studies students.

You’ll travel to China, India, Indonesia, Italy or Malaysia, immersing yourself in the culture, meeting incredible people and getting first-hand insights into local issues.

In addition, you can also take up the opportunity to study abroad in over 100 universities in 30 countries, or in one of our overseas campuses. Get ready to inspire some serious travel envy!



School’s out and the horizon’s beckoning – don’t start limiting yourself now!

Studying a double degree is a great way to explore multiple interests and tailor your degree to make you the best possible candidate for your ideal job. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also get to explore fascinating topics from a number of different perspectives. At Monash Arts, you can choose from 28 double degree combinations, guaranteeing you’ll emerge from uni as a well-rounded candidate for your perfect role.

At Monash Arts you can also add a master’s degree to any singe Arts bachelor’s degree. You’ll save a tonne of money and time by graduating with a postgrad qualification in just four years. Did someone just say, ‘I smoked the competition’? Oh yeah – you did. Great job, you.


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