Should I Study a QCE Folio Subject?

By ATAR Notes in QCE
24th of February 2019
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Folio subjects are unlike a lot of other subjects at QCE level. There aren’t heaps of definitions to learn, and you don’t need to concern yourself with formulae or summary books. But to do well in them, folio subjects do require a lot of effort, and choosing one as part of your QCE program shouldn’t be done lightly. Here are some reasons why you might consider a folio subject, and some reasons why you shouldn’t.


Good reasons to do a QCE folio subject

Career aspirations

Want to get into design, production or fine arts? Sweet – in the same way that Methods makes sense for Engineering, folio subjects make sense for these aspirations. Some of the skills you acquire will be transferable, and such subjects can also give you insight into relevant career paths for you.

Big tick – and a sensible subject choice.


Passion and willing to work

Even if you’re not super interested in pursuing a relevant career path, a folio subject might still be for you. Like all QCE subjects, if you’re passionate about the content and willing to put in the work, no dramas! This type of mindset will put you in a good position to work hard and, subsequently, get the type of results you’re looking for. Folio subjects definitely aren’t just for people who want to continue with that type of content for the rest of their lives!


Personal project and satisfaction

And, of course, folios can be seen as personal projects – something a little different to other QCE subjects. If you’re the type of person who loves to bite off a project and the chip away at it bit by bit, a folio might be a good option. That’s the important thing, though: if you don’t think you’d get satisfaction out of something like completing a folio to high quality, you might start to look around at other subjects for something more suitable.

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Bad reasons to do a QCE folio subject

“It’s going to be a bludge”

Because, well, it’s just not going to be a bludge. Not if you want to do well, at least. I spent quite a lot of time on each of my subjects, but spent by far the longest on my folio (it ended up being my worst subject in terms of subject score, but that’s another story for another day).

Unlike internal assessments or exams, there’s absolutely no way that you can wing a folio. You can’t rock up on deadline day and just get lucky. If you haven’t put the work in, it’s going to show, and your marks will suffer as a result. I can’t emphasise this enough: folio subjects in QCE are not a bludge. Far from it.


Friends doing it

Sure, it might be comforting initially to have a class with your friends in it, but think about what your situation will be like by March. Then by July. Then by September. Then by November. It’s a long year, and having a few friends in your class isn’t going to make up for content and work that doesn’t interest you. You’re the one going to class every day, and you’re the one who has to get through the assessments.

Honestly, your absolute best bet is to simply choose subjects you need as pre-reqs and are interested in.


“Drawing is kinda cool”

It sure is! But that’s almost like saying, “basic addition is pretty nifty – I’m going to do Specialist Maths!” There’s a lot more to folio subjects than might initially meet the eye, and you should be aware of the actual requirements before signing up for any given subject. If in doubt, you should check out the relevant syllabus outlines on QCAA’s website – that’s always a good place to start.

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Advice for QCE folio subjects

If you decide to run with a folio subject, sweet! Here are some resources that may be of assistance.


Flourishing in folio subjects

In this article, we look at how to do well in a folio subject in general. The five pieces of advice from the article?

  1. I promise you: it will end.
  2. Don’t throw anything out.
  3. Mix it up – try something different.
  4. There is no substitute for effort.
  5. Remember the theory.

We recommend having a more detailed read if you’re set on taking a folio subject!


Making a 100% folio

Of course, you might also want some more specific advice on making a banger folio. One of our Victorian ATAR Notes users received 100% on both of their folios, and explained their processes in this thread. Check it out!

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