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Italian (writing) helpful words + expressions

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Uploaded 5th Dec, 2013
When I did Year 12, I decided to really hone in on those strange linking words that I kept on seeing in writing passages, and forgetting which word corresponds to what.. (therefore, however, in fact, but). So I made a table of useful words that will give you brownie points in writing tasks. I've also included various Italian expressions that breathe an aura of true authenticity. I used some of them in my Oral Sac (10%) in Unit 3 and scored 100% for using a select few in the correct context. In bocca al lupo per tutti dei tuoi studi :')
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"grazie mille!! :)"

LauraC 1 year ago

sophss96 1 year ago

"parole fantastiche! grazie mille per l'aiuto!"

saraahx0 1 year ago

melanieoc97 1 year ago

kira_hayes 1 year ago

"amazing thank you!"

sabrinazibellini 1 year ago

fayefayefaye 1 year ago

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