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Business Management and Enterprise: Operations, Leadership and Finance Notes (and some Marketing)

Uploaded 16th Sep, 2023
WACE Exam Revision
Contains the following syllabus SCSA points for BME: • impact of technology on business operation in global markets, including: technology that assists business in the expansion into global markets e-commerce, security and privacy issues • use of technology in global markets, including: distribution of products e-commerce social media campaigns • purpose of production management systems • features of product development • features of quality management: control assurance improvement • inventory control techniques: just-in-time just-in-case • types of financial institutions, including: banks finance companies • sources of internal funding, including: retained profits • sources of external funding, including: debentures share capital trade credit venture capital secured loans financial institutions government • leadership traits needed in a cross-cultural setting, including: skilled communicator socially aware skilled decision maker future thinker self-discipline responsible motivational • adapting leadership styles in a cross-cultural setting, including: autocratic participative situational


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