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How to get into uni early

By La Trobe University in Tertiary Education
29th of June 2020
How to get into uni early - La Trobe University

Interested in receiving an early offer? Anyone who applies for Aspire gains free access to our Aspire Advantage – unlimited online access to the best study guides for students Australia wide.


Want to lock in next year’s study plans?

2020 has been a year of uncertainty for many Year 12s. With interruptions to classes and exams, students are understandably concerned about how their university plans will be affected. The good news is that we can help Year 12s feel more confident about the year ahead.

With programs like La Trobe’s Aspire Early Admissions Program, students can receive an early conditional offer into their chosen university course. And just by applying, they will receive the Aspire Advantage! Until the end of year, students who submit an Aspire application will have full online access to over 300 titles of revision content to support their studies. How do you get accepted? It’s not just about ATARs. Students are rewarded for going above and beyond for their community.



So, what ways can you get into uni early? Here’s what previous Year 12 students have said.


Fundraising for charity

Bachelor of Business graduate James Alvarez was involved in numerous community engagement projects while he finished high school. ‘With some friends, I organised a fundraiser for the Royal Children’s Hospital that raised over $1000,’ he says.

It wasn’t always easy for James to balance his studies with the organisation and planning required for fundraising. But a careful combination of discipline and teamwork helped James pull it off.

‘The biggest thing I learnt from volunteering was working with other people, being part of a team, and being a team leader,’ he says. ‘It’s also great to have on your resume. It shows that you’re proactive and the kind of person who’ll go out of their way to help others.’


Volunteer experience

Amabel Grinter was living in Cobram – a Victorian town situated on the Murray River – when she heard about Aspire. The program allowed her to use her volunteer experience at the local Scouts club to her advantage. ‘Aspire was like having a security blanket,’ says Amabel. ‘As an early entry program, it took the pressure off my Year 12 exams.’

How to get into uni early - La Trobe University

Applying for Aspire helped Amabel receive an early offer into our Bachelor of Agricultural Science. ‘La Trobe was my first choice from the beginning,’ she says. ‘I loved volunteering back home and thought, “If La Trobe rewards and upholds community values, it’s an appealing place to go”.’


School leadership

Hannah Gandy’s school counsellor told her about early offers to uni. ‘He worked very closely with all the students and knew about the positive things I was doing for my school,’ she says. ‘Such as running peer support programs and taking the role of School Captain. He helped by explaining the best pathways into university for me.’

The Pavillion School is a Victorian State Secondary School for students who have been disengaged or excluded from mainstream education. Hannah attended the school because she had fallen behind on her education between Years 7 and 10. This meant that she was forced to work harder in her final two years of high school.

How to get into uni early - La Trobe University

Hannah took on school leadership roles and studied two university-level law subjects at La Trobe through the VCE Plus program. She also applied for Aspire. As a result, she received an offer for her chosen degree – a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts – prior to completing Year 12.

‘It’s important to provide people who want to make a change the avenues to do so,’ Hannah says. ‘And Aspire has really helped me to do that.’

‘I also think programs like Aspire are extremely beneficial for the community as a whole. They recognise that although someone might fall below a specific number in obtaining their ATAR, they may have the drive to make a really big impact in their community.’


Applications close 31 August, all Aspire outcomes will be made by Mid-September.