HSC Results Day

By Jamon Windeyer in Easy Reading
14th of December 2016


If you want to get a prediction of your ATAR using our ATAR Calculator, click here.

After all the waiting, and all the anxiety, your results are here. They are the culmination of all your hard work, and they bring with them some mix of excitement, anxiety, confusion and relief. Hopefully, some of the information below will help that, but if it doesn’t, you can click here and talk about literally anything you want. Share your results, have a vent, ask a question, share a picture. Whatever you want to do!

I don’t get what’s in front of me, where did it come from?

If you want a bit of a behind the scenes look at where your marks came from, read our scaling guide. This guide goes through the process of attaining the marks that you received this morning. However you feel about them, it is nice to know where the heck they came from! If you have any questions about it, ask us here!

I’m really happy with my results!

That is awesome. Take comfort in the fact that a random guy on the internet is seriously proud of you. Everyone here at ATAR Notes is seriously proud of you.

Don’t feel bad for being proud of what you’ve accomplished over the last two years of your life. It’s a big deal! And importantly, be proud no matter how big or how small your accomplishment was. If you got 1st in the state for English, go you! If you passed Mathematics when you were so sure you failed, go you just as much! Everyone has their own goals, and so if you’ve met them, don’t be ashamed to get excited!

Of course, make sure you are also really sensitive of the fact that not everyone will have achieved the goals they set themselves. For every person wanting to jump for joy, there is also someone who is probably really disappointed. And this can be the people we least expect.

So, look after your mates. You guys have all accomplished something incredible just by getting to the end of this massive stage of your life. Don’t be afraid to celebrate, and don’t be angry at people who do celebrate. Be supportive, and always keep looking upwards and forwards, never back and never down.

I’m not so happy with my results…

If you are one of the people who aren’t so happy this morning, first of all, that is okay.

We all set goals for ourselves. You did it for your HSC, you do it in your job or in sports. If you go, you’ll do it at university too. And no matter how well you do, you’ll always measure your success against the goals you set for yourself. Even if you get a mark that most people would be happy with, if it’s not what you aimed for, then you have every right to be disappointed. Don’t ever let anybody make you feel ashamed of not being happy with your marks.

But just the same, this is just the start of your life. It’s disgustingly cliché, but: Your HSC Results don’t define you. The very fact that you are disappointed is evidence of the fact that you are clearly passionate about yourself, about your interests, and about your future. This, and all the other qualities that make you who you are, are what makes millionaires and will forge your future.

Trust me, any negative emotions you have now will fade fast. Plus, you might surprise yourself when your ATAR comes out tomorrow! Even if your results don’t quite meet your expectations, that doesn’t mean your ATAR won’t. Stay optimistic, you just never know!

Dealing with the Hecklers

Whether you are happy or not, you will definitely get people asking about how you went today. You might not want to tell them; and if you can avoid it, then don’t. Log out of Facebook, switch off your phone, delete your Tinder account.

Some people, you can’t avoid telling. This sucks; telling someone a result you aren’t happy with is not easy. But once it is done, it is done. Hopefully they support you, but if they don’t, then surround yourself with people who do. Today is not the day to be brought down or to bring someone else down, today is a day to be with the people who support you for the person you are. Don’t let negative people take over the day that signifies your completion of the HSC. Today is your day.

ATAR is Coming Tomorrow!

With your results now behind you, for better or worse, now we look towards the ATAR. The fact that there is a day difference between your marks and your ATAR sucks massively, but that’s a rant for another day.

I once had a teacher tell me that you’d remember the day you get your ATAR for a while. I remember, on the night before I received my ATAR, I set an alarm for something like 8 o’clock the next day. I’d not gotten a great sleep the night before, but I set the alarm and got to sleep. I probably should have known I’d sleep through that alarm. My plan to get up and wait on my laptop for the release of my ATAR was replaced with a frantic phone call from my girlfriend wondering how I went. She had gotten hers and done really well, so I was congratulating her over the phone with one hand and trying to type in my ridiculous password with the other.

It seemed sort of anticlimactic really; no build up, no waiting. Just, “Oh shit, let’s log in and check that then.”

Just the same, try not to think too much about what is coming. I did, and it ended up being a waste because my ATAR snuck up on me. Try not to build expectations, try not to develop fears, and try not to set any plans or contingencies for how you think the day is going to go. No writing down the numbers of universities because you think you won’t get into your course. Just relax, enjoy a night celebrating the conclusion of your high school career, and maybe get to sleep earlier than I did if you want to get up on time.

Oh, and I could of course add all the “Your ATAR is just a number, it doesn’t matter in a year,” and that stuff is true. I vouch for it. But 90% of the people reading this are bloody sick of hearing that.

So Should I Predict my ATAR with my Results?

If you want to get a prediction of your ATAR using our ATAR Calculator, click here.

How accurate is the prediction? No ATAR Calculator is totally accurate, and you should always take the estimate for what it is worth. That said, this one guesses mine within 0.1 of being correct. I’ve seen it guess 2015 graduates’ ATARs perfectly. It can definitely get your mind thinking in the right area.

Should you predict? Estimating your ATAR is kind of seen like part of the experience, part of the package.

However, if you don’t want to estimate, then don’t. A lot of people are better off not doing the estimate and just heading in blind. Don’t feel pressured to do it, just because you can. Again, today is your day.

From all the ATAR Notes Crew…

Congratulations. Seriously, congratulations. Forget about results, this is now completely the end of your HSC. You’ve done the work, the results are in front of you, that’s it. You are done! That is an amazing achievement, and from all of the AN Crew; all the lecturers, all the people who help make the lectures possible, all the moderators, and everyone behind the scenes who help make this awesome community what it is; Well done. We wish you the absolute best of luck for your future, wherever it may take you.


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