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HSC Resources – What ATAR Notes Offers

The Best HSC Resources

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If you’re looking for free HSC resources, ATAR Notes is the place to be. For more than ten years, ATAR Notes has offered a wide range of free resources to help high school students across Australia smash their studies.

We honestly believe that success in HSC should depend on how hard you’re willing to work, not how much money you have, and so our main aims are to:

• provide thousands of free HSC resources at absolutely no cost;
• offer an array of different free HSC resources to help different types of students;
• share student experiences and unique perspectives;
• provide important HSC updates and information throughout HSC; and
• always look to improve what we offer to best help students.


ATAR Notes is by students, for students, and here’s what you can expect.



✔️ Free HSC Notes

We have thousands of completely free HSC notes available to download 24/7. Simply filter the notes by state, subject and year level, and you’re on your way!



✔️ Free HSC Student Forums

Got a question about one of your HSC subjects? Want to know more about great study techniques? Just want to chill out with other HSC students?

We’ve got it all for you on the ATAR Notes Forums, where you can ask any question you have, at any time, for any subject.



✔️ Free HSC Lectures

We run free HSC lectures four times per year (each school holiday period).

Literally thousands of students tune in to these lectures every year, and we always have an absolute ball!


✔️ Free HSC Videos

If you’re sick of reading your textbook, our series of free HSC videos might help! Presented by past high-achievers, we have hundreds of videos available to watch.



✔️ Free HSC Newsletters

We send out a regular HSC newsletter with helpful resources, tips and tricks, and motivation. All you need is an ATAR Notes account to join the list.



HSC Resources and Notes

✔️ Free HSC ATAR Calculator

You might have heard of our very popular ATAR Calc, where you can see what kind of ATAR you’re looking at with various study scores, based on previous scaling reports.



✔️ Free HSC Articles

We have published hundreds of HSC-relevant articles and blogs, covering subject content, study tips, and how to smash your HSC courses. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to request an article here.



✔️ Free HSC Podcasts

And did you know we also have a dedicated podcast? We chat about all things high school and university, and we’d love to have you on board!



No matter what you’re looking for, we hope we’ll be able to help you out with some free HSC resources, and we’re looking forward to sharing the journey with you! The first step is simply to register your free ATAR Notes account.




Where we cannot offer resources for free, we work to make them as affordable as possible. These resources come in the form of our well-known Study Guides and innovative tutoring service, TuteSmart.

ATAR Notes HSC Books

✔️ HSC Study Guides

We have three types of Study Guides, each specifically designed to help students to the greatest degree:

• Complete Course Notes: Authored by elite HSC graduates, the Complete Course Notes provide a unique perspective and a unique advantage to any would-be HSC high-achiever. But these Notes don’t just teach you the crucial pieces of content – they also come with mark-saving tips, tricks and advice that cannot be found in any other set of notes or textbooks.
• Topic Tests: Designed to be the single most beneficial test-based HSC resource on the market, our Topic Tests contain both originally written practice questions and questions sourced from past examination papers. Each question has an accompanying solution rich in detail and specificity to help you improve your responses.
• Text Guides: These Text Guides cover everything you need to know for your set texts. Containing a thorough summary and analysis, dissections of characters, key themes and structural features, a quote bank, sample essays, and more, there’s nothing not to love!




✔️ TuteSmart – HSC Tutoring By ATAR Notes

TuteSmart is Australia’s most comprehensive tutoring program, unlike any other. Get a taste of what to expect in the short video below.