Engineering at Federation University Australia

By Federation University Australia in VCE
15th of November 2017

Interested in a comprehensive Engineering course that sets you up for post-university life? Check this out!

If you’re considering Engineering after Year 12, there are some things you should consider really carefully.

Rankings. Day-to-day university life. And, of course, employment after uni. These are all really important factors – and also factors emphasised by Federation University Australia!

In this article, we’ll run you through some of the perks of studying Engineering at FedUni.


Deciding on Engineering

We recognise that choosing a university degree can be tough – there are certainly many options floating around. But two things remain consistent: employment, and degree satisfaction.

According to the QILT rankings, which help compare universities in such factors, FedUni:

•     is the #1 university in Victoria for overall employment; and
•     has 5-star student support.


And we think that’s a pretty neat combination!

The other advantage of FedUni Engineering is the range of strong research strengths. These include areas of geotechnics, geohydrology, water and environment, condition monitoring, asset management, maintenance and reliability, modelling, and the application of artificial intelligence to engineering.

We’re passionate about all of these things – so if you are, too, make sure you get all the information you can!


The Engineering Experience at FedUni

If you’re going to university every day, you want the best facilities.

FedUni recognises this. In fact, we have new classrooms, new laboratories, and new mechatronics facilities – all specifically designed to best facilitate hands-on experience and skill development.

Engineering at FedUni goes well beyond the classroom, though – as it should. As part of our industry placement program, you’ll experience 26 weeks of industry experienceThis is what you should be looking for: actual industry experience. And we have heaps of it!

As part of the program, you still study toward your degree, and get access to professional career workshops.

Realistically, the network connections you forge in those 26 weeks could end up changing your career opportunities entirely. And that’s why FedUni puts such an emphasis on not only university life, but life after university, too.

Here’s the kicker, though. Industry placement program students also receive up to $15,000 in industry scholarships. Very nice!


Life After University

Of course, a huge part of uni is setting yourself up for employment. You’ll learn heaps at uni itself, but it’s great to keep the end goal in mind.

For many of you, that will be employment in the engineering field. That’s why we’ve developed such strong industry links with a range of major employers and organisations. Some of these are VicRoads, AGL, ENGIE and local councils.

We’ve partnered with these organisations for a reason: to give you as many opportunities as possible. As mentioned earlier, FedUni has the highest overall employment rating of any Victorian-based university. This is, doubtlessly, at least partially attributable to the fact that we’re passionate about setting you up for your career.

Forging strong industry links is just part of this, but it’s a very important part!

The FedUni Engineering programs are professionally recognised, too, by Engineers Australia, and the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. You know what you’re going to get.

For more information, simply visit our website!