Don’t Want an Office Job? Consider Creative Industries at WSU!

By ATAR Notes in HSC
2nd of August 2017

Register for Western Sydney University’s Open Day: Sunday 27 August, 2017.

Sitting at a desk 9am – 5pm isn’t for everybody.


You may or may not have heard of Western’s new Bachelor of Creative Industries. “What’s that?!” we hear you cry. Well, according to WSU:

This course is designed for those who wish to pursue a creative practice while gaining the business and legal acumen to become a successful part of the creative economy on their own terms.

Amazing. Basically, you study a combination of creative, business and law units all in the same degree. This is particularly useful for a career in things like writing, market research, advertising, photography, design, journalism, media production, business innovation and music performance. So, y’know, pretty useful.

This is a sweet opportunity to combine different areas that, previously, would have remained separate. And if you think about it, creative, business and law aspects of the workforce are often inherently intertwined – so a Bachelor of Creative Industries makes a whole lot of sense. In the lead-up to the HSC and, later, submitting preferences for uni, here are some things you should consider regarding creative courses at WSU.



All of Western’s creative degrees (of which there are many) have access to world-class facilities.

For example, have you heard of Rabbit Hole? Basically, Rabbit Hole is a purpose-built design studio, which provides students with the opportunities to service a range of internal and external clients.

Western Sydney Public Transport Users, RMIT University, the Department of Music, the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Western Sydney University Equity & Diversity.

These are just some of the clients that creative students at WSU get to deal with. Rabbit Hole is unique; it provides opportunities to work on ‘real life’ industry projects whilst still at uni.

And then there’s Western’s $2 million purpose-built media studio and television production unit. As you can see below, it’s pretty swish!



Going into the workforce, you’re going to want as much experience as possible. Western recognises that, and has consequently built industry experience into its creative degrees.

For example, in the Bachelor of Communications, WSU offers industry placements and internships at companies including the ABC, News Corp Australia, SKY News, Fairfax Community News, OMD, Ikon Communications, Channel Ten and the Nine Network.

And that’s just to name a few.

WSU also has partnerships with Tropfest and Semi-Permanent. Tropfest is the world’s biggest grassroots film festival; Semi-Permanent is a global creative and design thinking platform. Each of these connections allows for unique opportunities, where WSU students can develop genuine connections within their relevant industry.

At the end of the day, these are the things that will make you stand out – not your ability to remember definitions from a textbook.



As with all degrees, the best way to work out if something is for you is to go to the Open Day. Western’s Open Day is coming up on Sunday 27 August, at the Parramatta Campus.

Make sure you register and attend. Who knows? It might be the most influential decision of your life.