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Tips and Tricks for Change of Preference

By Macleay College in HSC
9th of December 2019

4 Hot Tips for the Change of Preference

Not long now until you receive your ATAR… you’re almost there! You’ve worked hard to get to this point. If you’re concerned that you might not get the score you need, don’t worry – there are lots of options to fast-track you into your dream career sooner, rather than later.

To get you back on track after Schoolies and a well-deserved break this Change of Preference period, we’ve got you covered with these hot tips and frequently asked questions.


1. Order is important

Aim high. List your most desired course FIRST and the remaining in the order that you wish to study them, NOT the order that you think you will get in. You will only receive one offer per round – the highest preference that you’re eligible for.


2. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

If you’re happy with your preferences, then you DON’T need to change them. ATAR higher than expected? Change of Preference may not be required.


3. Options, options, options

ATAR lower than anticipated? Relax, we’ve got you. Remember that there are always alternative options – our bachelor and diploma programs don’t require an ATAR, and we determine your suitability on a few different factors. You’re much more than just an ATAR, don’t forget that!

For more details please visit www.macleay.edu.au/change-of-preference


4. Communication is key

Talk with someone in the know – a Career Advisor, teacher or one of your preferences. Remember we’re here to help. We provide impartial advice on anything study related every day. Contact us via the CoP hotline on 1300 939 888 or [email protected] to chat, or visit us on campus for an informal one-on-one with a specialist advisor.


Why Macleay?

At Macleay your career starts on day one with our industry leading diploma and bachelor level courses in Advertising and Digital Media, Business and Marketing, and Journalism.  You will learn by doing from lecturers working in the industries they teach bringing to the classroom their most up-to-date knowledge and real industry briefs, not from academics talking at you in large, impersonal lecture halls. And you might be surprised to know that we outperform the highest ranked public universities in measures like Quality of Educational Experience, Skills Development and Graduate Satisfaction to name a few and score well above the national average on most other measures in the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey.

From everyone here at Macleay, we congratulate you on making it through this intense study time and wish you a great break and the very best of luck with your ATAR results and in this next chapter of your life.

To be eligible for one of our diploma or bachelor courses, simply search for ‘Macleay College’ in VTAC or UAC and add the course of your choice to your list of preferences. Visit vtac.edu.au or uac.edu.au for details.