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Celebrate the end of Year 12

By University of Technology Sydney in HSC
5th of December 2019
Studying at UTS

Year 12 is done and dusted. What’s the next step?

Sign up to attend UTS Info Week. From 16-20 December 2019, you can speak to staff and students, log in to webinars and Facebook chats, and learn about UTS pathway programs, UAC preferences and everything in between.

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Read on for some ideas on how to spend your well-deserved summer break.


1. Get out of town

Book a flight, buy a bus ticket, or fill up the car with fuel– however you like to travel, it’s time to grab your mates and see where the road (or the sky!) might take you. Or, if a planned vacation is more your style, there are lots of companies that everything from guided tours to international volunteering trips for high school grads like you.


2. Reconnect with your family

Year 12 can be a pretty stressful time – and it can be stressful for your family as well. A family holiday can be a great way to get out of town and take some time out with your loved ones. Sometimes a total break from the chaos of school – and your peers – is just what the doctor ordered.


3. Take a staycation

Want to stay put? A staycation is all about turning your everyday life into a holiday. So, grab that list of things you wished you could do instead of studying and start ticking them off one by one. Stay in bed for the entire day? Tick. Eat your bodyweight in gelato? Tick. Pack a picnic and head for the beach? TICK. The only limit to your staycation aspirations is you.


4. Check in with yourself

You may have started Year 12 with a clear idea of what you want to do after exams, but the stress of exams tends to override everything else, including where you’re up to with your future plans. Take some time to check in with yourself – are your old goals and new goals still perfectly aligned? It’s not too late to update your course preferences, rethink your career goals, or think twice about where it is you want to study next.

Before you leave us for the summer break, don’t forget to sign up to attend UTS Info Week