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How to manage Year 12: the burden of expectation
Managing Year 12: the Burden of Expectation

Katelyn completed her QCE studies in 2020 with an ATAR…

VIC selective school entry - past student guide
Selective school tips: student guide

This article is adapted from a thread created on the…

A day in the life of a Monash IT IBL student
Career sneak-peek: A day in the life of a Monash IT IBL student

The Industry-based Learning (IBL) program offered by Monash Faculty of…

VCE Lectures, HSC Lectures, QCE Lectures, WACE Lectures
July 2021: Register Now For Free Lectures!

This July, ATAR Notes is running free lectures for high school subjects…

How to get a VCE 98 ATAR - ATAR Notes - student interview
VCE past student interview: 98+ ATAR [PART 2]

In this article, we continue our VCE past student interview with…

How to get VCE 98 ATAR - interview - ATAR Notes
VCE 98 ATAR: past student interview [PART 1]

In this article, we chat with past VCE student and…

Studying IT - myths
5 myths about studying IT – and working in the field

From career opportunities to education, there are many assumptions about…

Research Methods in VCE Psychology: Tips for Improvement

Why you should care about research methods in VCE Psychology…

How to study for VCE Year 11 Specialist Maths - Units 1&2 resources - ATAR Notes
VCE Specialist Maths Units 1&2 Resources – MegaGuide

In this resource megaguide, we’ve listed a whole heap of…