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VCE sibling tips and advice
9 Benefits of Doing a VCE Subject With Your Sibling

When I was in year 12, I did Health and…

How to study for VCE Music Performance
Top Tips For VCE Music Performance

VCE Music Performance is an amazing subject, especially for those…

Dealing with VCE expectations
VCE expectations and reality: a student perspective

The experiences in this article are the author’s, and the…

Consistency in VCE subjects
How to get consistent study scores through VCE

Treat all your subjects equally The first step to consistent…

Should you make study groups in Year 12?
Benefits of Study Groups Through Year 12

Everyone in year 12, at one point, has been told…

VCE English exam tips
Preparing for the Year 12 VCE English Exam

While it may seem like an eternity away now, trust…

VCE lectures by ATAR Notes
Free VCE Lectures This January: Why You Should Attend

Haven’t yet registered? Book free lectures for this January: ….

Tips for Year 11 and Year 12
How to get a head start on Year 11 and Year 12

Becoming a year 11 or year 12 student can be…

Reflection on the final year of school
Reflecting upon my last year of school

Come to think of it, Year 12 may have been…