Breaking free from your ATAR and results

By ATAR Notes in HSC
29th of November 2017


For two years of your school life, you’ve had your eyes on the prize – a high ATAR – and the day you receive your score is fast approaching. For some students, it will be an amazing day in the memory books, but for others, it will feel crushing. When your focus is so narrow, it’s easy to lose track of the bigger picture, and to realise, you’re never out of options. Will you let a number define you? Or will you – like Issy – hold onto that determination, and pave your own path to the future you’ve pictured?


Limited options? Think again!

After taking a two-year break from academia, Issy returned to the scene with a renewed determination to study. She expected that, because of her ATAR, she’d have limited opportunities for study, but she found that through Open Universities Australia (OUA), her ATAR didn’t matter and the world was her oyster. Through OUA, she had access to real degrees – over 150 degrees and 1300 single subjects from leading Australian universities.


Why you don’t need an ATAR

In case you were wondering – there is no catch. If you don’t have an ATAR, or a high enough ATAR like Issy, you can enrol into single subjects. Depending on what you choose, passing these subjects can deem you eligible for a full degree. These subjects can even count towards your degree, meaning that right from enrolment, you’ve already made a start. To help you understand what subjects you need to enrol in to become eligible for your preferred degree, OUA’s student advisors are just a phone call or email away.


The perks of being an official student

Although you’re getting the same degree as an on-campus student, you’re not tied down to a timetable and are free to study whenever suits you. Your provider university’s on-campus facilities are available to you, so if you live close-by, you’re free to walk straight into their library, or join in on lectures. You’re an official student, after all. Just like on-campus students, you can defer your study fees, and if eligible, take out government loans, even on single subjects (which is unique to OUA).


Visit to explore your options, or call 13 OPEN to chat with a friendly student advisor.