There's no better place to study Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Performing Arts than at Monash University.

Monash Arts courses are distinctive, innovative and globally focused, designed to give you maximum flexibility and choice to tailor your degree to suit your interests. With over 30 areas of study to choose from across 7 undergraduate degrees, you’re able to fuel your curiosity and turn your passion into a career.



Monash Arts sets you up for the rapidly changing and competitive future world of work – the skills and abilities you’ll gain will make you a desirable candidate for employers, big and small. Our graduates go into as many career paths as there are majors. For example, there are linguists helping to improve the quality of life for the hearing impaired; social entrepreneurs helping people live more sustainably; and criminologists working on policy change in criminal justice.


“Studying at Monash Arts means understanding the world, human interaction, politics, human rights, things I previously took for granted. I can now take what I’ve learned and have a real impact on people and communities, particularly minority communities.” 


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduate 

Master of International Relations graduate 

PhD Arts (International Relations)


Explore your undergraduate degree options:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Criminology

Bachelor of Criminology and Policing

Bachelor of Global Studies

Bachelor of Media Communication

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics



At Monash Arts you’ll study with world-renowned academics, industry experts and active practitioners at a university ranked in the top 50 worldwide. 

Our teaching staff might be global change makers, but they’re just as famous for being approachable and friendly, and are committed to providing you with the skills, experience and connections you need to succeed and thrive.

Monash Arts also offers exceptional specialised facilities to equip and enhance your learning experience. From day one you’ll be working with your teachers and fellow students in inspiring facilities, such as:

  • The multi-million-dollar Monash Media Lab, one of Australia’s most advanced media facilities, complete with a newsroom, TV studio, control room, radio studios, theatrette, editing suites, voice over rooms and Mac labs. 

  • The Digital Music Hub, a world-class music facility consisting of a central control room flanked by two live rooms, enabling incoming and outgoing audio-visual streams for collaborative performance experiences. The Hub globalises your learning experience by empowering you to engage in real-time performance and teaching opportunities with leading practitioners around the world. 

  • Australia’s foremost libraries, the Sir Louis Matheson Library at Clayton and Caulfield Library. They are home to flexible study and teaching spaces; contemporary collaborative discussion rooms equipped with media-scape tables, glass writing panels and whiteboards; advanced technologies; in-house cafes; and greater access to the university’s special collections.

  • The impressive, award-winning Learning and Teaching Building. Composed of more than 60 formal and informal learning and teaching spaces across four levels, the innovative, contemporary design combines advanced technologies with spaces that have been designed to provide an outstanding student-centred learning experience. 



As the largest international university in Australia, Monash offers a truly global experience with over 160 partner institutions in over 30 countries. Whether you go for two weeks or two semesters, there’s a program to suit your interests, curiosities and study needs. 

Studying overseas gives you an edge. Research shows that students with international  study experience: 

  • have better grades throughout their degree 

  • are more employable once they graduate 

  • earn more throughout their career. 

You’ll expand your worldview through experiencing different cultures and ways of doing things. You’ll build your self-confidence, and be more adaptable and independent. And you’ll develop skills in effective communication, collaboration and time management. 

As a first year Monash Arts student, you’ll also have access to Monash's groundbreaking Global Immersion Guarantee, an award-winning initiative that enables you to explore first-hand the relationships between society, technology and the environment. It’s a two-week, funded study trip available to all first-year Monash, single or double degree students to one of the following destinations – India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia or the Pacific Islands. The Global Immersion Guarantee is about innovating and putting your degree into practice by responding to some of the world’s biggest challenges. You will engage with people and organisations already working on these issues, and you’ll have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the complexities and challenges involved in implementing sustainable and innovative solutions – all skills your future employers will look for. 




All Monash Arts undergraduate degrees offer Work Integrated Learning (WIL) internship experiences either in Australia or overseas, helping you to build your networks and unlock a world of career opportunities as you earn credit towards your degree. You could be working with a member of state parliament, building a school in a working nation, going behind the scenes at a television station, or working as a researcher with a non-profit organisation. The opportunities are endless. 

Places where Monash Arts students have interned include:

  • Australia Africa Chamber of Commerce 

  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) 

  • Australian Embassy in Rome 

  • Consulate General of the Republic of Korea 

  • Department of Justice and Community Safety Victoria 

  • Ernst & Young 

  • Global Poverty Project in New York 

  • Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre 

  • Mango Communications 

  • Melbourne Writers Festival 

  • Oxfam 

  • Penang House of Music in Malaysia 

  • The Age 

  • UN Global Compact Network Australia.



You may also wish to expand your career options with a double degree - Monash Arts has one of the biggest ranges available, including with Business, Education, Law, Health Sciences, Technology and Science. 

A double degree doesn’t mean double the work; in fact, it takes two years less to complete than if you studied the courses separately. 

A double degree empowers you to tailor your studies to your dream profession – for example, working as an international development lawyer (Arts/Laws), an environmental journalist (Arts/Science), a business manager (Arts/Business) or a music critic (Arts/Music). You'll broaden your knowledge across two different fields, diversify your skill base, double your network of contacts, and expand your career opportunities.

So, if you want to be part of a dynamic community, have the power to think critically about the world and the skills to take you anywhere, then you belong at Monash Arts.

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