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Four reasons to pursue a degree in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences

Sunday 14th, August 2022

Monash University

If you love chemistry and biology and are looking for a meaningful career with ongoing growth potential, then studying a degree in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences might be the right move for you.

As healthcare demands continue to evolve around the world, a career as a pharmacist or a pharmaceutical scientist offers a wide range of job opportunities. And at the same time, you will make a genuine difference to people’s lives.

Here’s just some of the reasons a career in pharmacy of pharmaceutical sciences might be the right move for you:

1. Strong job prospects

In Australia – and around the world – demand for healthcare professionals continues to rise, and pharmacists are top of the list. Pharmacy graduates almost universally get jobs straight after university, with 95% employed shortly after graduating, according to the 2021 QILT Graduate Outcomes survey. Science graduate outcomes are also high, and a degree in pharmaceutical sciences can open up a huge range of chemistry or biomedical-related careers.

As the world continues to tackle a broad range of healthcare issues, the role of the pharmacist and the pharmaceutical scientist has never been more important. If you choose to embark on one of these career paths, you will be opening yourself up to a world of job prospects!

2. Tackling global health issues with cutting-edge technology

From working on Australia’s only mRNA vaccine for COVID-19, through to creating a next-gen antibiotic to combat bacterial superbugs, Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are world-leaders in innovation and technology.

Our researchers are dedicated to utilising state-of-the-art technology and innovative approaches to finding solutions to global health issues including cancer, malaria, diabetes, obesity, pain, and more.

3. You will make a true difference to people's lives

If your wish is to have an impact on society and make a true difference to people’s lives, then a career as a pharmacist or pharmaceutical scientist will deliver.

At Monash, becoming a patient-first healthcare professional is taught to students from day one, and going above and beyond is encouraged. A great example of this is pharmacy student, Yannee Liu. In 2020, Yannee was part of a team who entered an international ‘flu hackathon’ – the team impressed the judging panel so much that they were invited to join Australia’s Immunisation Coalition to educate Australian’s on the importance of immunisation. Read the full story here.

4. Lots of options

At Monash we like to say that pharmacy is a degree of opportunity, because whilst it has some clear, focused graduate outcomes, it allows for movement into careers at every level of healthcare. The job options for pharmacy graduates is very extensive – from working as a community pharmacist right through to being involved in clinical trials or hospital pharmacy, the opportunities are endless.

Likewise, our pharmaceutical sciences graduates can be found in industries from biomedical research and formulation science, right through to paint and coatings, cosmetics and food manufacturing.

To learn more about our degree programs, including an extensive list of career outcomes, visit:

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