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5 myths about studying IT - and working in the field

Monday 10th, May 2021

Monash University - IT

From career opportunities to education, there are many assumptions about studying and working in IT. We’ve heard them all, and here are five of the most common myths we’re busting about the field.

1. You have to be really good at maths to study IT in university.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be Einstein to study IT at uni. It really depends on the course you choose.

Covering a wide range of majors and minors such as games development, interactive media and software development, the Bachelor of Information Technology at Monash only requires units 1 and 2 of either General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics. That’s because the degree’s flexible selection of study areas covers topics that don’t involve complex formulas.

The Bachelor of Computer Science, on the other hand, is more about data, analytics and algorithms. As a result, the course requires units 3 and 4 in either Mathematical Methods (any) or Specialist Mathematics. It’s the ideal choice for people who enjoy working with numbers and equations.

5 myths about studying IT - Monash IT

2. You can’t be creative in IT. It’s just about computers and programming.

With technology underpinning almost everything we do, creativity in IT has never been more important.

How can we change the world without thinking differently? What lasting impact can we make by always following the status quo?

Whether you want to build a great app, website, game, AI-controlled robot or another technology, you’ll need creativity and technical skills in equal measure – demonstrated by one of our student teams while developing their exceptional game ‘Fall of the Machinae’. You could also find yourself working at the intersection of other fields, such as arts, social sciences, healthcare and energy, exploring emerging technologies, smart devices and more.

To create immersive experiences. To change the way people do business. To enhance the way we live, work and interact. Creativity lies at the heart of all this. And as you move into leadership, you’ll find ingenuity to be more in-demand than ever.

5 myths about studying IT - Monash IT

3. Studying and working in IT are more suited to men.

If we could, we would bust this myth a thousand times over.

IT, and STEM fields more broadly, are suited to women just as much as they are to men. In fact at Monash, we have many inspirational women academics and alumni – and we’re educating the largest group of women students in tech out of Australia’s Group of Eight.

Time and again we see people achieving incredible things with technology, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. This could be uncovering key healthcare insights from big data, using AI to fast-track critical cardiac care or helping those with sensory, significant motor or cognitive disabilities better engage with technology.

5 myths about studying IT - Monash IT

4. Working in IT is mundane. I’ll only become a programmer.

Although there’s nothing wrong with being a programmer if that suits your interests, there’s really more to IT than meets the eye.

From business information systems and games development to data science and cybersecurity, the field offers you a wonderful variety of specialist areas – each leading to different and exciting careers.

You could become a data analyst for a tight-knit business, an IT consultant for a multinational corporation, a researcher exploring inclusive technologies or a machine learning engineer for trendsetters like TikTok! The world is your oyster.

Banish the idea of old desktops and dimly-lit rooms, IT is a world of bigger, better opportunities.

5. I don’t need soft skills. If I work in IT, I just need to be really good technically.

Technical skills can only get you so far. A big part of working in IT is collaboration, communication, teamwork, decision-making and other soft skills.

In your role, you’ll most likely be liaising with a range of stakeholders – whether it’s managers, end users or peers – about technical concepts, requirements and processes. You’ll engage in brainstorming with your colleagues. You’ll work with specialists from different backgrounds. You’ll guide team members to deliver a holistic solution.

What makes a capable IT professional isn’t just how good they are with technology. It’s also how good they are with people.

At Monash IT, we focus on developing your soft skills just as much as your technical skills. How? Through pioneering programs such as our Industry-based Learning placements and Industry Experience Studio Projects which immerse you in real-world activities and scenarios.

Working in close teams? Check. Getting guidance from industry? Check. Building an IT solution with your own hands? Check.

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