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Why Pick PDHPE?

Tuesday 9th, March 2021

Victor Bian

Why should you pick PDHPE for your HSC?

There is a common misconception that PDHPE is a subject purely picked by those interested in sports performance and nutrition. Whilst this is true, in the case of the core topic Factors Affecting Performance, a large portion of the study in PDHPE is dedicated to the core topic, Health Priorities in Australia. Let’s dive into what exactly this topic entails and why you might want to pick PDHPE for your HSC!


Health Priorities in Australia is focused on establishing what exactly a health priority is and analyzes the major health priorities Australians face. It looks at particular population groups most at risk of health issues, and how these health priorities are prevented and treated. You will also learn about a framework used to devise health promotion strategies called the Ottawa Charter, and analyze different health promotion strategies used in Australia in respect to the Ottawa Charter.

This part of the syllabus will develop your knowledge of the broader health issues Australians face and can open your eyes as to why health promotion strategies are developed in a certain way. This topic is great if you enjoy learning about social justice, as well as discussing how the health of Australians could be improved as a whole.


So why might you want to pick PDHPE for your HSC? If you’re planning to enter a sports based career such as physiotherapy, sports science, or nutrition, PDHPE is a no-brainer pick. It will introduce you to many concepts that make up the backbone of these careers. However, even if you are not the most interested in sports, Health Priorities in Australia makes this a great subject to pick for those entering a career in health. Future medical students, nurses, and psychologists will all benefit from the holistic views offered in this topic.

For additional context, I completed a health psychology course for my undergraduate psychology studies last year. My knowledge from Health Priorities in Australia gave me a large benefit in understanding the psychology involved in devising health promotion strategies.

PDHPE is a great all-round pick if you’re interested in sports, health, or both! Many people who pick PDHPE end up being pleasantly surprised by the wide breadth of topics covered in the syllabus and it is one of the best subjects to pick in terms of knowledge that you will consistently use again in the future.

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