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Dropping from Advanced to Standard Mathematics in Year 12

Thursday 4th, February 2021

Tabitha Lanuza

So you’ve decided on dropping, ditching the calculus-ridden Mathematics Advanced to join the non-calculus bliss that is Mathematics Standard. But you’re worried about the content that you’ve missed which is all examinable in the HSC. Well, here are a few tips on how you can make sure that you have covered all of the Year 11 content!

Know the topics you missed in Year 11!

Get hold of a Year 11 Standard textbook and do all the chapter reviews. If you get stuck on a question in the review, go back to the corresponding exercise. After this, go through the examples and do some of the questions. I recommend you start a completely new notebook solely for Year 11 Standard content.

Do the Year 11 exam papers!

Once you’ve gone through the textbook, ask your teacher for all the exams or assignments your peers completed in Year 11. Complete the exams under exam conditions. Once completed, you can then hand it in for your teacher to mark or ask for the solutions and mark it yourself.

Ask for help!

If there are still certain concepts that you just can’t seem to get your head around, make a list of questions to ask your teacher. Perhaps ask them to explain any of the questions that you got wrong in the Year 11 exams. You can also borrow your friend’s book who has done Standard since Year 11, in which you can read and copy their notes on any topics that you are struggling with.

Remember that learning the Year 11 content isn’t just important because it’s examinable in the HSC but also because it provides the foundation for a lot of the Year 12 content too. So, learning the Year 11 content should definitely be a priority!

Finally, just because you have changed to Standard doesn’t mean your ATAR is going to be any lower than if you did Advanced. If you aim high and work hard that 90+ is in your grasp!!

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