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For a long time, ATAR Notes has offered both Complete Course Notes and Topic Tests to help VCE students smash their VCE studies. Very excitingly – and after a lot of work – we now have a third study guide category: VCE Text Guides.

Why VCE Text Guides?

Due to popular demand!

We get that English can be challenging (we’re former students ourselves, after all), and totally get that extra resources with specific texts can be hugely helpful.

For years, we have had requests to produce VCE Text Guides, and now we have the team required to offer the highest quality guides available.

What do the VCE Text Guides include?

In short, a lot. But if you’re looking for more specifics, they cover:

✔ A thorough summary and analysis of the entire text
 Insightful dissections of the characters, key themes, and structural features
 A comprehensive quote bank
 Exemplary sample essays with commentary designed to help you increase your marks
 Highlighted vocabulary words to learn and integrate
 Valuable advice from a high-scoring former student who shares their tips and tricks for success

Who are the VCE Text Guides written by?

Great question!

Basically, they’re written by some of the best English students in the country, so you’re in good hands.

These books do the hard work for you: condensing all of the important details in your text, and providing you with sophisticated analysis you can use in your own essays.

How can I get the VCE Text Guides?

Feel free to check out our available range and see which guides will be available soon on our Text Guides page. If you’re interested, you can also order them there!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a question in our announcement thread. We’re super, super proud of these VCE Text Guides, and are so excited to finally be able to offer them!

Happy studying. 💙