ATAR Notes and DriveAbout are giving you a free gift that will save lives – the world class road safety/road rule educational app (Android | Apple).

ATAR Notes and DriveAbout are giving you a free gift for life that will save lives.

Normally $49.99 DriveAbout is the road safety/road rule education and testing app of the future. It’s disruptive and will replace the book (which is as old as the bible) and replace the test which we know people are ‘cheating’ on. If you don’t know the road rules you may not be able to cheat injury or death on our roads…

DriveAbout is brilliant, it’s engaging and helps you really understand the road rules. DriveAbout takes you on a learning journey from your familiar local roads, along the highway, to a small town or suburb, and into the city, introducing the rules, infrastructure and driving advice relevant to each section of the journey.

In total, DriveAbout comprises 33 TV-quality animations teaching the competencies required to pass the Learner’s Test. We have incorporated the Learner’s test, so you can test your knowledge.

ATAR Notes and DriveAbout know that delivering the Road Use Handbook in an engaging way provides an enjoyable accelerated learning experience. Enjoy our New Year’s gift this holiday period – the most dangerous time on the roads – recommend it to friends and even get mum and dad to make sure they know the rules…

Download DriveAbout app (Android | Apple). Free in App Store and 99c on Google Play (due to Google licencing).