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For many students, studying abroad is one of the highlights of their university lives. Deciding to take the plunge, though, can be scary and overwhelming. If you’re undecided, or currently sitting on the fence, here are 10 reasons to really strongly consider throwing yourself out of your comfort zone, and studying abroad.


1. International experience is great for employment

We’re living in a better-connected world than even before, friends! Having some international experience under your belt can really be a positive when it comes to future employment. Who knows? You might even get a gig overseas because of it!


2. You’ll probably develop a heap of “soft skills”

Being out of your comfort zone will really require resilience and patience. These, along with many other “soft skills“, are things you’ll very likely develop throughout your time abroad. Indeed, this are skills that can stay with you for the rest of your life – makes studying abroad seem like a pretty savvy investment!


3. Weekend trips away

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to pop off on weekends for some time away, exploring your new home and surroundings. You might even be able to duck away for some international weekend trips – something pretty foreign to a lot of us living in Australia.


4. It’s great for independence

Particularly if you’ve never lived out of home before, moving your life to a new place for a while will mean you’ll have to do things without your existing support network – at least, without them in such close proximity.


5. You can pick up a new language

And what a fantastic skill to have! If you’re keen to pick up something new, or if you’re learning a different language currently, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in the language entirely. There’s really no substitute for exposure, and depending on your developing language skills to get by.


6. New friendships from across the globe

Perhaps the best part of studying abroad is the relationships forged. You might come back to Australia with new friendships spanning multiple continents – very cool. And just think of the free accommodation when you end up travelling in later year! 😉


7. It can be way cheaper than expected!

Seriously. It’s absolutely worth speaking with your university to see what’s available to you. Some programs have some wicked incentives, which might see you spared of some of the regular costs of travel. 100% recommend doing as much research as you can. It’ll pay off!


8. You can gain a different perspective of the world

Living in somewhere new is a different experience to travelling through it temporarily. You will be exposed to new customs, traditions and norms – and this is a truly fantastic thing. You will be able to return home with new ideas and interests, and incorporate them into your life back home.


9. It’s heaps of fun

’nuff said!


10. You might never have the opportunity again!

And here’s the kicker: at uni, studying abroad might be a whoooole lot easier than finding the chance when you end up in the workforce. For many people, taking this experience at a relatively young age makes a lot of sense: no full-time work to account for, no kids, lots of freedom. You don’t want to look back at your university experience with regrets.


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