Top Education is proud to be in alliance with PwC Australia

By Vincent Nham in Easy Reading
6th of December 2016

Top Education Institute (TOP) is committed to providing quality higher education that enables students to be profession-ready and to meet the competitive demands of the workplace. To find out more about TOP’s programs please click here.


To further benefit our students, TOP has entered into an alliance agreement with PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (PwC). Under the alliance, TOP will work closely with PwC to deliver initiatives including student career development and executive education programs, as well as designing ‘smart campus’ and digital education solutions. Recently, PwC Australia has assisted TOP to develop Virtual Reality learning in its accounting classes.  At TOP, we know the importance of student-teacher engagement, but we think that VR is a really exciting technology to help to further embed learning, in a more interactive and fun way. We aim to be at the forefront of learning technology, giving our students every opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways.


TOP students are also offered the opportunity to take part in a program that prepares them to take their classroom skills to the boardroom via TOP’s Student Career Development Program (SCDP). Members of PwC Australia join TOP staff for the 2-week SCDP run each semester.


The SCDP aims to prepare students to take the skills they learn in class and apply them to real-world business settings. During the program, students are given the opportunity to use smart technology tools and explore real business case studies that heighten their learning experience.


All students commencing or continuing their studies at TOP from July 2016 who are enrolled on a full-time basis (4 units) and scheduled to complete their course in 2 or more semesters are eligible to apply to take part in the SCDP.


Please visit the following links for more information:


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