ATAR Notes is one of the largest online student communities in Australia. We are visited more than 400,000 times each month, with our main audience being 16-18 year old high-school students and undergraduate university students – perfect for advertising to the student demographic. Naturally, VCE and HSC students flock to the site in droves for the free resources and high-quality advice, then stick around upon graduation to discuss their university studies.

Students use ATAR Notes as a peer-to-peer community, predominantly based around helping each other with their studies, personal interests, and future decisions. You can easily reach niche audiences – like people interested in specific industries – or all of our members through online banners, page takeovers, native social media content, direct email marketing, and more. All of our targeting methods and platforms are tried and tested, meaning new campaigns are always risk free.

Whether your aim is student recruitment or customer acquisition, our advertising is designed to suit all businesses and institutions regardless of size or budget. With years of experience working with corporate and government institutions, we understand your objectives and can help you tailor an advertising package that doesn’t blow your budget but still gives a great ROI. For this particular demographic, we’re experts. Throughout the years, we’ve collected the right data at the right time and tested many different methods and variables. Of course, we’re happy to share our knowledge to help you achieve your objectives.

Ultimately,  our experience makes us the perfect partner in your advertising campaigns. We know the audience, we know what you want, and we know what to do. With us, your campaigns will be successful – but without the hassle and without the stress.

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