English Extension One
Simple ways to improve in HSC English Extension One

The English Extension one course is nothing short of a…

Atar Notes: ICMS Study Skills Event!

Our FREE ICMS event will give you skills with unparalleled…

10 words to AVOID in your English essays

Why you should avoid certain words. A strong vocabulary is…

Memorising Essays Might Not Be The Best Idea

Ahh, memorising. it’s an argument almost as old as time…

bad SAC marks
Bad SAC Marks: The Recovery Process

There’s been a lot of chit chat on the forums…

math problems
Maths Methods Advice: Maximising your Marks!

Maths Methods is a tricky subject, especially when the assessors…

Using Big Words; a Trickster’s Guide to English

Using big words is one of the best ways you…

legal studies mistakes
Legal Studies Mistakes: 7 Things to Avoid

Legal Studies is a really awesome subject for a wealth…

Dealing with English (for Maths students)

This is a general guide, not just for Maths students,…


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