Year 12 Physics Topic Tests

Year 12 Physics Topic Tests
  • Year 12 Physics Topic Tests

Year 12 Physics Topic Tests

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The Year 12 Physics Topic Tests are the best resource you could possibly get as a Physics student. Inside the covers, there are 16 high-quality topic tests with completely original questions! These have been specifically crafted to reflect the new syllabus, so you know you’re focusing on what’s relevant.

But we’ve saved the best for the back of the book, where you’ll find extensive explanations for every answer. There are sample responses for you to see exactly what you would need to write to attain full marks. There are mark allocation breakdowns so you can learn how to spend your exam time effectively. And there are extensive explanations for every question, with bonus advice to help you maximise your marks. Use this book, and not only will you understand the content, but you’ll be able to replicate these high-quality answers in your own assessments.

The author, Jamon, achieved a 99.80 ATAR and six Band 6 scores in his HSC, and has been an expert tutor and lecturer for years. He has been helping thousands of students in Physics and beyond through the ATAR Notes forums, and has since pursued a degree in Electrical Engineering at UNSW. Liam also achieved outstanding HSC results, graduating with an ATAR of 92.10, and is now studying Computer Science at UNSW.


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