VCE English Resources: 2018 MegaGuide

By ATAR Notes in VCE
9th of July 2018

Okay. English is the subject. On the assumption it’s your only English subject, it has to count in your top four subjects. And it’s also the most popular subject across the state, meaning there’s a whole lot of competition. Luckily for you, we have a whole heap of free VCE English resources – now, in one convenient place!



What better place to start? No matter time of day or time of year, you can access more than 3,000 sets of notes. If you’re looking for English notes specifically, you can find them here. These notes are varied: quote lists, sample essays and responses, summaries and notes – you can find them all.

And you can also find all of our past lecture slides – not just for English, but for all subjects we’ve done lectures for. Amazing!



In case you missed it, we recently launched our series of free English videos, taking you through some of the most important aspects of the study design. Here’s the very first video, which is a quick course overview.


But you can find the full series at this link here. Videos cover a wide range of topics, including essay writing tips, different SACs, the statement of intention, Analysing Argument, Text Response, Comparing Texts, the oral, and exam strategies.



The study design is so, so important. You probably know that already, but like, it’s so important to be familiar with it. Tell you what would help with that? An extremely detailed breakdown of the current study design, with a heap of meta-advice from a past 50er, tips for each Area of Study, and even some exam hints. If only you had access to that!

Oh wait – you do!

This study design breakdown has been read ~20,000 times – and for good reason! You don’t want to miss out on this knowledge.

vce english resources


Of course, VCAA itself comes with several handy VCE English resources. We’ve already touched on the study design, and you’re probably also already aware of VCAA’s past exams and examination reports. The examination reports in particular are full of absolute gold – advice from VCAA itself about how to answer questions, what to look out for, and a breakdown of areas not well answered on previous exams.

For example, this from the 2017 examination report:


That’s excellent advice – little need for summary! So instead of essentially wasting time on the exam providing an overview of the plot, you can use your time much more effectively – and every minute accounts. Any little advantage like this you can get is of great benefit to you.

Further, are you aware of VCAA’s “Advice for teachers” document for VCE English? You can find it on this page here, under “Assessment”. It gives suggestions to teachers about potential learning activities and ways to improve English skills. But the reality is, not all teachers will utilise all of these suggestions – so why not have a look and see if VCAA’s ideas give you inspiration about how you could study?



VCAA resources aside, we still have VCE English resources coming out of our ears. We’re just going to briefly outline a few more here.


Free English essay marking and feedback.

One of the most popular sections of the forums is VCE English work submission and marking board. The idea is that you can post whatever piece of English writing you’ve created, and others (including past high-achievers) can give feedback on your strengths, your weaknesses, and what to look out for in future. Solid.


2018 Analysing Argument Club.

We run a weekly initiative that gives you the opportunity to get feedback on your Analysing Argument responses – and, as we know, this is a hugely important part of the VCE English course. We call this initiative the “AA Club”. 👌 You can find the main board for the AA Club here, and an explanation of how it all works here.

Basically, we post a prompt, you post your response (can be anonymous!), and feedback will come. What a great way to improve your skills!

vce english resources

Guide to surviving VCE English.

English can be a genuinely daunting thing, and we get that. In this thread here, forum user Heidi explains how she took on the subject – and got through it. If you feel like English is getting the better of you at the moment, this will be a really good (and important) read.


Improving English expression and vocabulary.

This here is a fantastic guide – truly. It focuses on how to hone your writing skills on a day-to-day basis, including things like building your vocabulary, using that vocabulary, writing concisely, improving flow, sentence structure, different verb types, and even writing under time conditions.

Again, it’s truly a fantastic guide.


Writing samples and more.

If you’re looking for writing examples from past students and high-achievers, this here is your best bet, under the heading, “Samples”. There are dozens of examples here.

You’ll also find a bunch of links in that thread to other VCE English resources you might be interested in. Naturally, if you ever have any questions surrounding the subject, you can ask them in our dedicated question thread here. 🙂