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TuteSmart 2019: Affordable, Comprehensive, Effective VCE Tutoring

By ATAR Notes in VCE
7th of January 2019
TuteSmart 2019

First up, we hope you’re taking some time to recuperate and refresh. This holiday period, it’s actually really important to ensure you’re in a positive frame of mind when it comes time to return to school. In saying that, a lot of students at the moment will be considering tutoring for 2019, and that’s totally normal.

Now, if that’s you, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not consider TuteSmart.

Private tutoring can be fantastic, but it has issues a lot of the time. Often, you simply don’t get great value for money. So we asked ourselves what we could do better, and how we could give VCE students what they actually need to help them smash their SACs and exams. And that, friends, is how TuteSmart was born.


What is TuteSmart, exactly?

Great question. There are quite a lot of different elements to the program, and the best way of finding out more is definitely to book a free information appointment. That way, you can actually see the facilities for yourself, meet some of our team, and get all of your questions answered.

But in short, here are a few of the benefits:

✔️ Access to state-of-the-art TuteSmart Centres that you can use after school and on weekends.
✔️ One-on-one time with tutors not just once per week, but whenever you need it through open hours.
✔️ For each subject, a 90-minute tutorial class every single week.
✔️ Recorded classes uploaded online to allow you to cover material as much as you need.
✔️ Additional resource and practice questions.
✔️ Unique practice SACs and practice exams.

If you’re still looking for more, feel free to watch the quick video overview below!


Great – so what’s the catch?

There simply is none. A small weekly fee covers all of the benefits of the program, starting at just $54 per week. There are never any additional costs.

The only issue here is that, as you can imagine, TuteSmart is a very popular program. In fact, our 2019 program has already filled very quickly due to early bird registrations.

To find out more and enrol, all you need to do is make a free information appointment. You can also call us on 9916 7760.

We can’t wait to see you at TuteSmart in 2019!