HSC Maths Extension 1 Videos

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | New Syllabus
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | False Proof By Induction
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Vector Geometry Proofs
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Binomial Random Variable
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Separation of Variables
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Slope Fields
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Pigeon Hole Principle
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Integration by Substitution
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Common Trap
HSC Mathematics Extension 1 | Volumes Between Curves

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What’s Worthwhile?

Maths Extension 1

HSC Mathematics Extension 1 is one of the most difficult subjects out there, and you'll need strong performances in order to achieve high marks in this tricky new syllabus. That's why we've created these free HSC Maths Extension 1 videos - to help you as much as we possibly can!


The videos

Rui has split the course into ten sections, as follows:
  • Video 1: New Syllabus
  • Video 2: False Proof By Induction
  • Video 3: Vector Geometry Proofs
  • Video 4: Binomial Random Variables
  • Video 5: Separation of Variables
  • Video 6: Slope Fields
  • Video 7: Pigeon Hole Principle
  • Video 8: Integration By Substitution
  • Video 9: A Common Trap
  • Video 10: Volumes Between Curves

The presenter

Rui's scores are almost incomprehensible. He studied Mathematics in YEAR 10, and achieved an incredible 96. He then went on to study Mathematics Extension 1 in Year 11, and came out with a 94. And to top it off, he scraped through with a 97 in Mathematics Extension 2. No joke. Luckily for you, he's in your corner!

Want more?

These HSC Maths Extension 1 videos are a great start, but there's still a heap more free 3U Maths stuff available for you to sink your teeth into!
  • For example, have you considered downloading some free Maths Extension 1 notes? All of our MX1 lecture slides are also available here.
  • You should definitely get around this list of other Maths Extension 1 resources and Q+A. In this thread, you can also ask any 3U questions you have!
  • And, of course, if you're looking for more revision videos, you can find them all here.

Feedback? Requests? Please let us know at [email protected]