RMIT Engineering: EnGenius 2017

By ATAR Notes in HSC
13th of November 2017

Discover Engineering at RMIT!

Recently, RMIT hosted its annual EnGenius event. EnGenius highlights the work and projects of third and fourth year students from RMIT’s School of Engineering, and gives students the chance to showcase their dedication, ingenuity and innovation.

Sarah Whitty, an RMIT student from the School of Engineering, noted there were “so many opportunities and chances to network with people within the industry.” The end goal is to increase employability in post-university life; EnGenius is industry-sponsored, providing students ample opportunities to meet and greet industry leaders. Ultimately, these relationships may prove more important than anything learnt in the classroom.

A panel of industry sponsors even awards prizes to the most impressive student projects based on the development process, practicality and ingenuity. This type of student-industry interaction is a big focus of RMIT Engineering moving forward, as explained here by an RMIT representative.

“We want to encourage that interaction, and create an environment where industry can work with students in the areas of their degrees.”

Through EnGenius and other initiatives, RMIT emphasises more than theoretical knowledge. Perhaps most important is the ability to tackle real-world problems, and to develop practical solutions. Doing this requires passion for the field – passion that is reflected by the EnGenius experience.

“The atmosphere’s been amazing,” noted Whitty. “Everyone’s really energetic and positive, and very excited to showcase all the hard work they’ve put in throughout the whole year.”

You can discover more about RMIT Engineering EnGenius here.