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By ATAR Notes in VCE
5th of March 2018


What better place to start than free Psychology notes? There are some great things here, from definitions to summary notes. Also available here are the ATAR Notes lecture slides. If you couldn’t make it on the day, or if you just want a recap of the lecture(s), all of the slides are here for free download.

If nothing else, you can use these notes as a foundation for your own – writing your own notes is typically more effective than trying to rote learn others’. Don’t be afraid to use resources from previous study designs, too, because a lot of the content is still very relevant! But how do you know which parts of the study design are still relevant?



With this thread, of course. 😉  We’ve gone through the previous study design and the new one, and have listed all of the changes that have been made. What that means is that you can pick and choose which resources are still relevant with confidence. This opens up way more resources for you to use – it would be a huge shame to not use something just because part of it isn’t as relevant as it once was.

That sounds like a bit of effort, though, right? Well, yeah – we guess so! But fear not: our Psych lecturer Tim has also done you a huge solid by trawling through previous VCAA exams to see which specific questions you should still have a crack at. You can find Tim’s list here. Bookmark it, because it’s going to be super useful come the end of the year. Trust us!

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Not many people absolutely love and are super passionate about research methods. You don’t need to be, but you do need to be aware that it’s a pretty considerable part of the course, and always comes up on the exam to some degree. It’s also something that might be skipped over a bit at school, because some of it is assumed knowledge from Year 11, and it comes before Unit 3 in the study design.

For those reasons, having a good grasp on research methods can actually do wonders for getting you ahead of your peers. If you walk into the exam confident on research methods, and can link them to whatever case study you’re given, well, that’s a huge win.

So, make time for research methods. Obviously that’s hard to do by yourself, because research methods aren’t necessarily the most exhilarating things in the world. But one of our Psychology forum moderators, “miniturtle” (a sneaky 47 raw in Psych last year) is running a weekly research methods exercise. You should 100% check it out. Basically, miniturtle sets some questions, you give them a crack, and she provides feedback! Seems a pretty sweet deal. And even if you don’t end up contributing, it’s still a great idea to read through other people’s responses. 😎



Basically everybody knows about the importance of the study design, which is still relevant for Psych until 2021. Nothing not on there can be assessed, and everything on there definitely can be. But there are other VCAA resources, too, which can be really helpful.

Past exams and examination reports are gold. The examination report will summarise what students did well, what they did poorly, and how the cohort could improve. Take note of this adviceNot using the examination report would be like declining the opportunity to get on the good side of an umpire before a huge game of sport – just silly.

Something you might not be aware of is VCAA’s advice for teachers section. It is how it sounds – advice from VCAA to those teaching VCE Psychology. There are recommendations for resources, for learning activities, and for a whole bunch of other things. Some teachers probably take this advice more than others, meaning that there are quite likely activities and exercises here that you haven’t done before. New ways to learn – new ways to get ahead! You might as well have a surf through, because this is how VCAA actually recommends teaching – and, therefore, learning – VCE Psych.

And finally, we’ll leave you with Tim’s guide on how to do well in Psychology. Tim runs through his top six tips for excelling in the subject. Here’s a quick preview:

vce psychology


Wishing you all the best for VCE Psych! 😊